Amazon prom dress haul and try on! 😍 Trying on dresses from Amazon to see if they’re perfect for your prom!

I’ve seen so many other try out the prom dresses from Amazon, and when searching, there were so many! Obviously I just HAD to try them to see if the ones that were super affordable were any good and worth your money.

*This video was filmed and edited before event cancellations that have happened all over the world, and I am so sorry if your prom, wedding or other event has been cancelled! Hopefully these dresses will give you inspiration for when we’re back to normal!*

If you liked anything in the video, I have added the link for you below:

Pink V Neck Off The Shoulder Beaded Satin Long Prom Dress –
Burgundy Off Shoulder Long Chiffon Rhinestone Evening Dress –
Double V Neck Floor Length Elegant Long Formal Dress –
Queen Diana Women’s Off Shoulder Black Maxi Long Prom Dress –
Ever-Pretty Women’s Fashion One Shoulder Long Sequin Dress –

The one that got lost:

Women Vintage Bandeau High Waist Satin Rhinestone Prom Dress –

The one I bought a while ago (the black & gold on) I can’t find on Amazon anymore! So sorry if you can’t find it, but it’s by a brand called Muxxn.

The top I’m wearing in my video is from, and here is the video where I tried it on:

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