John Dory Recipe and Calories

John Dory Recipe and Calories

One very healthy fish that is often over looked with it comes to cooking is the John Dory. This Mediterranean fish is amazing tasting, very, very healthy – but there seem to be few recipes available on the net with regards how to cook it – and next to none that are healthy (all seem to involve double cream somewhere in their ingredients list).

Well that sort of John Dory recipe is no good for those of us trying to get slim and lose our belly.

Calories in a John Dory

Firth though let us show you just how healthy a fish it really is by showing you how many calories it contains (and other nutritional information).

This is per 150g serving

Calories: 116kcals (perfect for low calorie diets)
Protein: 26g (making it great for high protein diets)
Fat: 1g
Of which saturates: 0.5g
Weight Watchers Points: 2

As you can see there really are not many calories at all – and it is VERY suitable for high protein low fat diets. It is a very healthy fish when cooked right.

John Dory Recipe

So how does one go about cooking it in a healthy way? Probably the best way is to poach it.

Healthy John Dory Fish and Chips Recipe

One of the most popular dishes amongst my family and friends is fish and chips – but the problem is just how unhealthy it is, with a massive amount of fat trying to clog your arteries. This recipe attempts to address that problem by giving you a healthy John Dory recipe to service with chips.

It is also one of the quickest and easiest recipes in the world!

Place the fillets it in a pan with simmering water and a splash of white wine. Leave it for amount 5 minutes or so until it flakes easily and is cooked through.

In the mean time take a packet of McCains microwave chips (or if you prefer, grill some low fat chips – I use the microwave ones as they limit my quantity and I have the specific weight watcher points for it) and cook them as per instructions.

With 3 minutes to go on the fish put a tomato in.

When the fish is done serve it up on a plate with the tomato, chips and a couple of pickled onions – add salt and pepper and you are done. A simple 5 minute way of cooking a delicious and healthy fish that is suitable for every diet.

Weight watchers points for this recipe?

John Dory: 2 Points
McCain’s Microwave Chips: 4
Tomato: 0
Pickled Onions: 0

Source by John Hixson


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