How to make THAT Cottagecore dress you've probably seen on Pinterest (Easy DIY)

It’s been a while, I hope you’re doing well.
So this was supposed to be up, idk, when it was actually warm enough to wear it. I hope you find this tutorial of how to make this very cottagecore dress from scratch, the least bit helpful. If you have any questions or room for improvement please feel free to leave a comment.

As some comments have pointed out this design may be more suited for slim to moderate sizes. My design was based off Hearts&Found’s Loretta dress that you can find on Etsy in up to 4XL US size. I’m sorry if this tutorial is not adapted to your body type, I only have my own body to measure and design for at the moment! Link:

0:00 Intro
01:23 What you will need
02:25 Taking measurements
05:46 Bodice
08:15 Sleeve
10:15 Waist piece
10:52 Skirt
12:32 Checking your pattern + adding seam allowance
15:25 Cutting out on fabric
16:18 Sewing front and back pieces together down one side
17:05 Gathering
19:07 Invisible zipper
21:38 Attach sleeves
22:23 Making the channel
24:29 Hemming the bottom
24:49 Result

Large 90 degree ruler:
Sewing machine: Brother ds120s
Overlock: Singer Overlock Sewing Machine S010L

1. Manhattan- Dyalla

2. Kissmykas- Chill with me

3. Our Story- Naomi

4. Evening Tea- Remil

5. Osaka- Naomi

6. Benji- Dyalla
7. Coastline Cruise- Mr. Jello

8. Our Peaceful Place- HONÜ

9. The Good Old Days- Dyalla
10. treasure map- Kevatta

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