Fashion Pattern Trends Spring Summer 2022

This Spring and Summer 2022 Fashion Prints and Patterns Trends Video is sponsored by Chai Fashions check out their amazing one of a kind recycled sari designs:

Patterns can either make or break an outfit. In this video I talk about, and give some examples, of prints and patterns that were seen on fashion runways and look books for Spring and Summer 2022. We are going to be taking inspiration from both luxury fashion houses as well as smaller designers and everything in between.

00:00 Introduction
01:29 Geometric
02:20 Logotype
04:13 Floral
09:47 Animal Print
11:57 Polkadot
12:35 Stripe
14:17 Scarf Print
15:14 Plaid
16:07 Illustration
17:13 Tie Dye
17:38 Camo
18:16 Patterns

Spring summer 2022:
The video about Cool Colors is here:
Warm color trends:
how to start wearing patterns:

Instagram: @mm_go_design_victoria_bc


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