DANIELA GREGIS Spring 2022 Milan – CNMI

DANIELA GREGIS Spring 2022 Milan – CNMI

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In the current Italian fashion scene, Daniela Gregis is for sure one of the few innovative and interesting designers. Her world is very far away from the ostentation of splendor that is characteristic of her local colleagues, as if clothes had necessarily to be related to a display of wealth.

Daniela Gregis clothes, despite being accessible only to a well-off audience, are the opposite of the aesthetic vulgarity that can easily be found in many fashion magazines.

Volumes, fabrics and colors are harmonically and coherently mixed, they are always graceful, never banal.

Wool, linen, silk or cachemire are worked using artisan methods, from the loom to the crochet and knitting needles; the dyeing is made using natural colors with shades that seem to be taken from the most evocative natural landscapes.

Skirts and dresses often offer various solutions and interpretations and their length and measure can be changed, according to the taste of the person who is wearing them.

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