Buying a Knockoff of My Own Dress: An Educated Roast (actual fire used for Scientific Purposes)

I mentioned a few wonderful ethical/slow fashion brands and small artists, which you should definitely go check out! Also leave some of your faves (or yourself!) below, because hurrah for excellent craftsfolk. 🙂

Fancy Fairy Wings & Things

The blog post explaining the situation:


I didn’t directly mention them, but one of the brands most heavily stolen from by the same website was Armstreet; I actually have several pieces from them and can personally recommend!

Not mentioned, but as always a shout to my faves at American Duchess, small-scale historical reproduction footwear:

Barrage of Footnotes (or: some interesting reads on the impacts of fast fashion):
[1] Original gown reference: “Saint George Slaying the Dragon” by Jost Haller, c. 1450. Unterlinden Museum. Digital image from Wikimedia Commons.
[25] Page 78: “never wait for a hole”. Agnes Walker, ’Manual of Needlework and Cutting Out’

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